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Introducing our top-notch fixed-price design services tailored to meet your urgent needs. When your in-house design team faces tight deadlines or a surge in projects, we're here to step in and ensure your projects stay on track. Our dedicated team of experts is just a call away, ready to provide swift, high-quality design solutions that complement your brand seamlessly. Experience the convenience and reliability of having us as your trusted design partners whenever you need us.

Why choose us?

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Features included :
Direct Pricing
Fixed Delivery Times
Expert Services
Fast Response Times
Features not included :
Complicated Quotations
Not Guaranteed Availability
Not Specialised
Poor support

Artwork Services

Do you just want to take some weight off your shoulders? Then outsource your image edits to Vyke. Our fast pace, high precision image edits are the perfect solution for a busy team and much more affordable than doing it yourself!

Packaging Production Design

Need some packagings in your brands style but your team doesn't have time? We create the packagings of your new products in your existing style at a super fast pace.

*If all files are available within 3 hours after initial request.
*For first time designs other conditions may apply. If you haven’t used our services before, extra time may apply, as we have to get to study your current design in order to recreate your style. We also reserve the right  to decline project requests or quote different rates if the project is too complex (Every order will receive a quote before project begin).

Delivery TimePrice per packagingMax. amount
14d€24630 pcs.
7d€29515 pcs.
72h€3457 pcs.
48h€4315 pcs.
24h€5172 pcs.
12h€6721 pcs.
What if I don't have exact guidlines for my packaging?
Don't worry! We are specialised in the whole Artwork process and will recreate your packaging as close to your reference files as possible.
What does the delivery time mean? 
At the end of the delivery time you will receive the .pdf file as wall as the packaged inDesign files. You will receive the files in accordance with your provided reference files.
What files are required?
To create a standard packaging, we require the following files: 
  • DieCut
  • Reference Packaging (At least one - as a packaged Design file)
  • Design documentations (if available)
  • Brand / Product logos
  • Font files (if not included in packaged file)
  • Product Images, Line Drawings or Illustrations
  • EAN Number
  • Technical Specification / Texts / USPs (or whatever else you want to feature)
Please note that all non product specific assets only have to be delivered once. For every following design, we will have these on file and can make use of them.
What does this service include?
This service includes the full creation of the packaging's print ready files in your existing visual identity.  
What about revisions?
We got you covered! After you receive the new packaging and you can give as much feedback / changes as you want (as long as these are in line with the initial briefing). Revisions do not count in the delivery time.  We will do our best to process all changes within 4 - 6 hours after you provided them (for initial delivery time shorter than 72 hours) and within 3 days for delivery times 7days and up.  

Artwork changes?

Adjustments to an Artwork created by your team? (Files should be supplied as full edit packages incl all links and any necessary files)

Per hour: €85 / hour
Same day availability: +20% extra = €102 / hour
Outside office hours availability: +40% extra = €119 / hour

When are extra charges applicable? 
Same day availability rate kicks in the moment you request a change to be done the same day.

Out of office hours availability is always communicated to the client upfront and will never be charged without communicating it.
Why are there extra charges?
We strongly believe that the extra work, effort and flexibility of our employees should not be taken lightly. That's why we reward our employees for overtime.

Same day availability: Often, same day availability means that some other task will have to make space and might result in overtime later along the project.

Out of office hours availability: Sometimes there is nothing clients can do. A change comes in at 16:00 and has to be done the next morning. That means that one of our designers has to stay late.

Image Editing

Do you just want to take some weight off your shoulders? Then outsource your image edits to Vyke. Our fast pace, high precision image edits are the perfect solution for a busy team and much more affordable than doing it yourself!
Tap to view before/after.
Hover left/right for comparison.

Background Removal

Don't feel like doing the tedious work yourself?
Outsource it to us and get the files in whatever format you prefer.
Want the files exported or resized, in various file formats? No problem, just let us know and we make as many exports as you wish.  
Delivery TimePrice (per photo)
72h€ 4.25
48h€ 5.50
24h€ 8
12h€ 12
7h€ 18

From 10 pcs. = 10% Discount
From 25 pcs. = 20% Discount
From 50 pcs. = 30% Discount

What techniques are used to remove the background from photos?
There’s no one way to remove backgrounds from images. It depends a lot on the type of subject. At Vyke, we use clipping paths to remove backgrounds, but there are some cases (especially when your subjects involve hair, fur, or fuzzy borders) when we use advanced Photoshop masking, or image masking.

When it comes to clipping paths, we always go with hand-drawn clipping paths for natural-looking lines that make the products look realistic. We’ll use the Pen Tool in Photoshop to remove backgrounds, and make sure to zoom to capture even the smallest details.
Tap to view before/after.
Hover left/right for comparison.

Product Recolour

Want to send a private label client a preview of how the product would look in their colours but your in-house designers are too busy? Or do you just want to repurpose your existing content? Just upload it to our site and within just 6-8 hours we will send you the rebranded product images.
Delivery TimePrice (per photo)
72h€ 8.50
48h€ 10
24h€ 16.50
12h€ 21
7h€ 32

Label replacement + €4 extra per photo
Label available: + €0 per product
Label creation: + €24,50 per product
Background removal +€8,50 per photo

Does your sales team need the changes for a private label offer?  

Photography Services

Need some high quality content for your new products? We offer photo shoots at fixed prices.
All you have to do is deliver the products, we plan and execute the full shoot for you! 

Half day: € 1450
Full day: € 2350
(incl. Preparation & Post-editing)

A full day is based on 8 hours of Photographer & Design Strategist's time on location. For shoots at a domestic or outdoor location, there is usually no additional location fee. For every shoot, we have at least 1 hand model included. Additional models are possible in consultation for a fee. We also have a large stock of additional accessories and materials in storage. All available resources are included, but additional costs may apply depending on each shoot. (All costs exclude VAT and travel expenses).

Render Image from 3D file

The fastest way to create High Quality Photography of your Products. Once the Product is set up in our system, you can create unlimited amounts of studio 3D images at super low cost. We will save your files for future exports and handle your files with the highest level of confidentiality.  

Base Rate / File setup: € 225 per product

Export / Camera Positioning: € 25 per image

Within 24h: +40%
Within 48h: +20%
Whitin 72h: +0%

Please note: A .step file is required for this service. We gladly sign an NDA to protect your design files.  

Where do I get the files?
Usually your producing factory or your development team should have these files. You might have never seen or heard of them before but they should have them.

Working with overseas manufacturers?
Factories don’t usually like to hand these files over. However, if you keep being persistent and require these files, they usually will send them to you. (Make sure to note to them that you only need the housing and no internal compartments, this will make them hand the files over much easier)
Of course we understand that handing over the 3D files can be scary at first but rest assured: once you sent over any 3D files to Vyke, these are stored in a separate part of our system to which only our 3D designers have access. All our systems are protected by state of the art encryption technology.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

Have a different question?
Contact us!
Are all deadlines guaranteed?

When requesting a service, you usually receive a response within 60 minutes. Once all files are provided and the order is confirmed, the deadlines are guaranteed. Please note that for first time clients, with complicated design manuals, extra conditions may apply.

Are these deadlines always accurate and available? 

Yes, all delivery times are accurate. If deadlines are not available, it will be noted with the service on our website.

What if I'm not satisfied with the service? 

If anything needs further changing we will do our best to make adaptions within 3 hours.

Are there maximal amounts of orders at once?

Yes, you can find the maximum amounts listed in the services.

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