May 18, 2022

Are business cards still relevant in 2022?

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Consider how many items and services you use today that were not available a decade ago. We've seen the growth of Uber, the invention of the iPad, and the rise of personal assistants like Alexa in the last ten years. With constant innovation, it's reasonable to wonder if some products and services are outdated and should be retired. Business cards, a product with centuries of history, are one product that has been questioned.

Is the use of business cards still necessary in 2022? After all, we now have far more options for transmitting information than we did even 20 years ago. Business cards, on the other hand, are as relevant in 2022 as they have been in the past. Allow me to explain why business cards are still useful.

Business Cards Are Ideal to leave behind

Assume you just finished a meeting with a potential new client that went exceptionally well. You did not, however, leave them with a business card. While the meeting may have gone well and you may have exchanged contact information, it's possible that your potential client will quickly forget about it. Things often get lost or forgotten in our busy life and cluttered inboxes.

However, if you had given them a business card, that client might be more likely to remember connecting with you further. Giving clients something tangible to remember you by is important, and a business card is a great way to keep them thinking of you and lay the groundwork for future business. It also ensures that they have your contact information at their disposal and easy to access.

Business cards are also used as marketing materials.

It is difficult and expensive to market your company. Your business cards, on the other hand, are a wonderful marketing element at a low cost. Business cards can be so much more than just a method to make a good first impression or provide contact information. Business card designs have progressed significantly. Gone are the days of flimsy paper cards with identical designs. You now have more design options for business cards than ever before.

Consider your business card as an additional marketing tool; when you do, the value offer appears to be much stronger than before. When it comes to using your business cards as a marketing tool, the design is an important quality. A excellent business card design will convey all of the necessary information to your clients, as well as be eye-catching and promote your brand.

Plus, we've seen a lot of businesses become really creative with their business cards, turning them into appointment cards, promo cards, discount cards, and more. With business cards, the sky is the limit, and we're always happy to brainstorm with you about how to take yours to the next level.

Business Cards Can Give Your Business a Professional appearance

Isn't it true that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover? While that's a wonderful gesture, many people don't take it seriously. In business, first impressions are important. There's a reason why many salesmen dress professionally and real estate brokers drive excellent cars: presenting yourself as successful and professional can help you gain clients' trust. Business cards are another way to show customers that you are a business professional and that they can trust you with their business.

The future of business card technology

Business card innovation, however, does not stop here. Near-field communication (NFC) technology is featured on the most recent business card innovation. With NFC business cards, you can instantly communicate crucial information to your clients' cellphones. You may use NFC business cards to provide your contact information, social media links, website addresses, and even directions to your business.

Today's business cards are far more sophisticated and relevant to today's consumers. In fact, by utilising the most recent innovations in business cards, you may impress your consumers, distinguish your company, and deliver information to customers in the most convenient manner.

While many products are becoming obsolete, business cards remain popular. VYKE  has you covered when it comes to unique business cards to help you stand out. Please contact us if you have any questions about how business cards might benefit your company or if you're ready to get started on your own unique business cards; we're always pleased to help!

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