May 13, 2022

Friday 13th: How 13 companies used this day in their marketing.

Vyke B.V.

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Despite its historical inevitability, Friday the 13th is nevertheless seen as a forerunner of bad luck and mysterious masked serial killers.

In 1907, stock promoter Thomas Lawson published Friday, the Thirteenth, a book about the stock market's premeditated crash, which signified the peak of the day's rueful popularity. Since then, plenty of films, television shows, and urban legends have sprouted across the globe. Friday the 13th became a legend, then a meme, and eventually a brave marketer's anti-holiday.

Companies utilise Friday the 13th to get a free promotion of their products and services, as users tend to repost things they like. We've put together a compilation of entertaining Twitter posts to show you how industry leaders sell their firms.

01 Coca Cola

02 Play Doh

03 Sony

04 Airbnb

05 Hostess Snacks

06 Krispy Kreme

07 Jägermeister


09 Instagram

10 Advil Painkiller

11 Xbox

12 Oreo

13 Flightradar24

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