January 13, 2023

Friday the 13th: How Businesses are Spooking up Sales and Scaring the Competition

Vyke B.V.

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Friday the 13th, the day when even the calendar is giving you side-eye. But hey, at least it's not a Monday. Stock market crashes, masked serial killers, and all-around bad luck? No thanks, we'll stick to our regularly scheduled weirdness. But don't let the superstitions fool you, businesses are all in on the spooky fun. They're using it as an excuse to promote their products and services, and we're all here for it. Just check out these hilarious tweets from industry leaders, proving that even the scariest day of the year can be a laugh.

01 Coca Cola

02 Play Doh

03 Sony

04 Airbnb

05 Hostess Snacks

06 Krispy Kreme

07 Jägermeister


09 Instagram

10 Advil Painkiller

11 Xbox

12 Oreo

13 Flightradar24

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